Who cares! - Roblox Music Video (animation)

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I didn't make them look exactly like roblox characters I just enjoyed drawing them like this style
I like making this type of videos hopefully you guys enjoy it I had lots of fun making it
Outro SONG- Rune & Besomorph -Myself Again (ft. cluda)

  • 😕 ummm... heroes this not heroes Legend

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  • How do you animate 0w0 what do you use

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  • 2020 ?

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  • im there? my name in roblox is narutoumizake

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  • So cute

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  • This look like royal high music video

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  • Oh cradles I guess his drawing are sooooooooooo CUTE

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  • I wonder what's chui's first vid

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  • Chui me animas mucho cuando se a grande boynaser como tú

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  • I love cute animation Girls power

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  • This is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e

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  • Dude like da skirts LIKE DA SKETS

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  • Chui did you use this out of flipaclip If you did your smart and all ur videos are cute if I revealed how you did this I'm sorry

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  • Blondie doesn't wanna online date bc of albert lol

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  • I love the outro itsa glitch sound

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  • /e dance

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  • Wow!! It's so good i love it! I hope you see me in roblox.

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  • Yessss you got the whole crew! 1:aesthetic girl(girl with blond hair) 2:super chill girl(Girl with galaxy hair) 3:girl with no robux but really nice and kind(Girl with black hair)

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  • I still can’t tell if your a boy or girl but I realy think that u a girl Soooooooo Ya sorry

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  • I look like the girl in black hair and my friend is the blonde hair

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