[MEME] Why do you love me|| Original (?)

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i tried searching for a meme with this song but i only found why love me meme and do you? meme lol so similar :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
Original meme: me???
➥ Artist: Charlotte Lawrence
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(nightcore) SONG: amworlds.info/town/o6W6lna12Zd6qYw/video.html
-that i used lol
time: 1 day :33
★I used:
♡firealpaca to tween
♡filmora to edit

  • "Why do you love me?" What's Not To Love?!

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    • I h a v e n o I d e a .

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    • @سبرايز FM والله ما ادري كيف ما لا حظوا أن اسمك مكتوب بالعربي!🌚👍😂

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  • :3 nice i wish you luck

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  • Wow I love it it’s cute 😭😭😭😘😘❤️❤️

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  • E fofo

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  • Oi você e fofo

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  • Omg that is the cutest charecter

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  • Yes I do love you uwu

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  • Why we love you: your amazing at editing and drawing Wth isn't to luv!? :3

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  • Lol its cute and btw we have the same hoodie hope you make more memes

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  • We all knew who we thought this was at first.

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  • its my fav song qwq so cute!

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  • "Why do you love me" Meh:bc......you deserve to be love :-D

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  • he looks really simular to me lol

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  • I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊

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  • Why do I? Because you make the best memes and vids ;P

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  • i can't stop watching this

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  • thats my fav video and character you made

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  • Aaaaaa Chui character r tO cutee -~-

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  • #CUTE

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  • How do u do this its 1 adorable and 2 the animation

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  • Chui:how could you do this to me~~ Meh:bRuHhhh

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  • UMM why not love chuuuuu? You original! I think ;-; we love chuuuuu

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  • *hug*I care

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  • Soooo cute!

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  • 28 dislikes and 3k likes inpossible

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  • Chui me 70k me want like :T

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  • No wonder why your piggy videos are so good- keep up the good work wish you all the best during corona stay safe!

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  • Oh..and I‘ Wanne say that WE ALL LOVE YOU VIEDEOS AND WE DONT DESERV THIS!!!!!

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    • We dont Deserv this guys...

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  • best meme ever

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  • Adorable

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  • You are so cute chui

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  • random peep video: ???:why do you love me? me:WHAT?!

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  • ok that's it ur going to my amazing playlist

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  • Wow chui you F*CKING CRAZY ?

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  • Chui : why you love me Me : of course because your cute animation

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  • I love this song so much and chiu you are cute

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  • Wats this song called- And this is AMAZING💖👌💕

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  • A chui I could help how bout you do ticking meme!

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  • I think I’m gay ;-;

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  • Is it just me or that looks like kody from The story called Lunime on webtoon

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  • That’s a sub from me lol

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  • Chui Chui Chui

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  • CHUI:WE DO NOT SAY THOSE MOTHER FACKING WORDS IN THIS GOD DAMN HOUSE HOLD Me: WE DONT SAY THOSE WORDS IN THE COMMENTS Chui: hah- SAY THAT AGAIN PLEASE Me: sorry for disrespecting you dad I won’t do it again Next day :> Me: FAQK THESE PLAYERS Chui : your grounded and not getting any dinner tonight Me : DAD WHY HOW COULD YOU DO THIS Chui: go back to bed,AND DIE OF STARVATIONS Me: yes dad Chui: *pulls out Barbie* DONT TALK BACK Me: NOOOOOOOO NOT THE BARBIEEEEEEEEEEE PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEE You guys: send help to these morons.. Me: *gets barbie* hah fam,SAY THAT AGAIN PLEASE I WOULD LIKE YOU TO SAY IT AGAIN Chui: I’m proud of the child I created :>

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  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Very Cutee :uuu Not speak english ::uu I do speak spanish :D Is my intent¿?

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  • amworlds.info/town/fqq3o4a_t7JwlZo/video.html my friend did a original soo.. Ur the original her's is on september

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  • The song: Why do you love me? Me: Why do I love myself? Joking lol I love your animations btw

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  • I have tried to tween with firealpaca and I fail at it

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  • Original is from Doggo 413 go check it out

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  • Underrated content right here 0-0

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